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Ben Travis, Former Marketing Manager

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A quick recap of NewCo Boulder's 3rd annual festival, including our session's presentation.

This year, our Colorado office had the pleasure of participating in NewCo Boulder, where we learned about local innovations and shared some of our own. Founded by John Battelle in San Francisco just four years ago, NewCo has expanded to dozens of cities across the globe. Newco is a festival that celebrates local businesses on a mission and connects attendees with purpose-driven organizations.

The festival included 50 Boulder locations, including Viget and our friends at Human Design and Mojotech. However, the hour-long sessions and workshops weren’t just limited to those in Tech. Restaurants, retailers, and law firms also opened their doors to share their stories and solutions to recent challenges.

Despite a surprise first snow of the season, Viget hosted a well-attended afternoon session at our downtown location. We discussed the current connected hardware environment and showcased some of our recent hardware projects. Engage in the NewCo experience by viewing our team’s presentation below:

NewCo Boulder gave us valuable exposure and a platform to share how we ventured into connected hardware. Viget answered questions about our creations like TrackPacer, Ye Olde Future Temper-O-Meter, and NBC’s Social Brooch.

The pre-festival dinner and post-festival happy hour brought together talented and friendly folks who we’ll likely see much more of in the future. The kick-off dinner was hosted at Rayback Collective, Boulder’s favorite food truck park/beer garden. There, event producer Tim O’Shea underscored NewCo’s vision for the collaboration before handing off the mic to local entrepreneurs.

To wrap up the festival, NewCo threw a happy hour at Shine Restaurant in downtown Boulder. Because it was impossible to attend every one, the happy hour enabled attendees to debrief about missed sessions and continue conversations from earlier in the day. Kudos to the NewCo team for all their hard work.

Looking forward to next year!

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