Oh the Places You’ll Go After a Viget Internship or Apprenticeship

Peyton Chance, Former Product Manager

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So you’re interested in an apprenticeship or internship at Viget? We’re delighted to hear it.

Whether you’re an undergraduate student trying to determine what’s next, a recent graduate wanting a structured job to help you improve your skills, or a professional working to make a strategic career change, we have opportunities to help you build a solid foundation for future success in the digital world.

But let’s face it, you’re a go-getter. You’ve already got your eyes on what comes next. A Viget apprenticeship or internship is meant to be a step toward the future. But what might that future look like? While your path is just that - yours! - we’ve compiled this list of former apprentices and interns to show the many paths that might lie ahead after our program.

Where do Viget apprentices and interns end up, you ask?

From Viget to Other Great Companies

One highlight of working at Viget is getting exposure to a wide range of clients, which can spark ideas about which environments might be of interest after the internship or apprenticeship. Former Vigets have gone on to do awesome work for companies like LinkedIn, Google, and SpaceX. Take for example:

  • Alexsandra McMahan interned with the business development team in 2014 and is now working in Messaging Operations at LinkedIn.
  • Former design intern Steve Schoeffel is the cofounder of Whimsical, a tool our teams use every day to explore ideas, interfaces, and data models.
  • Sanette Sloan honed her UX skills as an apprentice in the summer of 2013. Now she’s an interaction designer at Google in Boulder and works on making the G Suite better.
  • Una Kravets spent the summer of 2013 developing interfaces as an intern at our HQ office. Now, she’s the Director of Product Design at Bustle. She has made a name for herself as a global CSS rockstar, and speaks regularly at conferences around the world.
  • Former Rails Developer intern Jason Roodman now works as an Enterprise Software Engineer at SpaceX. While at Viget, he worked on GroundRules, a tool that provides tips for selecting and brewing the perfect cup of coffee. You can read Jason’s insights on talking with developers on the Viget blog.
  • Libby Perold interned with the UX team in 2015. Now she’s a senior experience designer at athenahealth.

From Viget to Other Great Agencies

We think agency work is the bee's knees! We love working with clients across industries, building relationships, and solving diverse sets of problems. Former Viget interns and apprentices often share that passion, and have gone on to work for great agencies around the country.

  • Mia Frasca spent the fall of 2017 as a UX apprentice in our Boulder office. Now, she’s a UX Designer at Fuzzy Math, a UX design agency in Chicago.
  • Former design intern Janice Pang is now an art director at Grow, which works with clients like Google, Nike, Burberry, and EA Sports.

From Viget Intern to Viget Full-Timer

It is not uncommon for apprentices and interns to continue their careers right here at Viget! Several members of our full-time staff were once apprentices or interns. Some have even started in one lab and joined full-time in a different role (myself included). Here are just a few:

  • Katherine Olvera joined Viget as a UX apprentice and is now a full-time UX designer based out of our HQ office. She works with clients like FiscalNote to create useful and usable digital experiences.
  • Aakash Tandel came to Viget equipped with (most of) a master’s degree in economics and a passion for data. He began as a data & analytics apprentice and is now a member of the full-time data team.
  • Elyse Kamibayashi began at Viget as a copywriting intern in the summer of 2017. She then completed a fall apprenticeship before accepting an offer to join Viget’s growing copy team as a full-timer. Elyse has provided copy and brand strategy guidance to brands like Optify, Emory University Libraries, and the Ad Council.

My Story

What would a blog post be without a personal anecdote?

I began with Viget as a front-end developer intern in May of 2018. After realizing that coding full-time wasn’t a perfect fit, I began talking with the Viget team about my interest in project management. Members of Viget’s directors team were overwhelmingly receptive to conversations where I expressed that front-end development wasn’t quite right for me. They helped me talk through my skills and interests, and even supported my project management job search outside Viget.

Luckily, a position on the project management team at Viget opened up and I was offered the opportunity to interview. Now, I’m a full-time digital project manager working with clients like the Urban Land Institute on design and development engagements. I continue to have candid conversations with members of the Viget team about our career aspirations in the digital world.

Viget is a place where you can explore career interests, as diverse as they may be, and expect the support and guidance of peers and mentors. I hope you’ll consider beginning your digital career as a Viget apprentice or summer intern! Who knows where it might take you?

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