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Women's Fitness

Strong is the new skinny. This was the rallying cry behind the Women’s Fitness campaign we created for Dick’s Sporting Goods. DSG wanted to reach women who are serious about pushing their bodies, not to conform to society’s standards, but hit the goals they set for themselves. They want high-quality, on-trend, versatile clothing that meets both their athletic and aesthetic needs. We put DSG’s line of women’s apparel on their radar with a campaign that celebrates the lives of strong, beautiful women in a series of product-featuring storytelling vignettes.

  • Challenge

    Connect with an audience DSG struggled to reach, and showcase women’s athletic clothing in a shoppable and shareable format.

  • Solution

    Tell our audience’s story: showcase the lives of women who personify both strength and femininity, and use athletic apparel as a key supporting character.

  • Results

    Users spent more than 6.3K total hours engaging with an interactive video lookbook that features custom photography, integrated share and shop features, and an empowering brand voice.

How we did it.

  • The Concept

    We decided to use strong individual narratives and storylines of specific female athletes as the focus of the site.

  • Art Direction & Video

    Using custom video and photography was a key part of our strategy, which meant art-directing a multi-site shoot in Florida.

  • Shop the Story

    Tiles showing featured products surface on top of active video, which lets users shop the stories of different women on the site.

  • Shareable Content

    Women use inspirational images as a source of fitness motivation, so we included tiles with inspirational content, designed specifically to share, tweet, and pin.

  • Making a full-screen video lookbook responsive was one of our main development challenges. We introduced another layer of complexity by creating interactive, scalable content tiles that needed to display on top of video and control some of its functionality. 

    Getting started with inline SVG
    Chris Manning, Senior Front-End Developer
  • Our strategy centered on creating an authentic, inspiring narrative that our audience could relate to and share. Shooting the DSG apparel in motion, on real athletes, and paired with unique motivational copy helped us make that genuine connection. 

  • We knew stock imagery wasn’t going to cut it if we wanted to create an authentic brand story, so we partnered with film house Alchemy to art direct the site’s custom video and photography, and wrote strong accompanying headlines to bring the campaign’s voice to life. 

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