Future Me

  • Morningstar
  • Challenge

    Make financial wellness, daily budgeting, and retirement planning feel like issues that are real enough and urgent enough to inspire user action.

  • Solution

    Use easy-to-answer questions to help people imagine their futures, starting with the easier-to-picture immediate future, and moving out from there.

  • Results

    A campaign that gets users thinking about, and acting upon, their financial futures through questions that are quick, relevant, and even a bit fun.

How do you inspire people to take control of their financial wellness and start planning for retirement? How do you advise people in a way that’s interesting and in a way that doesn’t make people feel overwhelmed? These were the questions we asked when financial company Morningstar challenged us to create a joint-marketing campaign with their HelloWallet division that would propel users to engage with the daily financial planning and retirement services available via Morningstar through users’ employers.

  • CollaborationDesign, Development, and Copywriting in Tandem

    For a small, fast project like this, the small team worked closely together from day one. The designer, front-end developer, and copywriter were able to stay in sync to build a creative solution that stayed on schedule.

  • StrategyBringing Fun to Finances

    Making the survey appealing and enjoyable was key to ensuring users would actually want to keep going and fill it out. This meant carefully crafting copy that was approachable and never overly technical. A bright, cheerful design and fun animations also added to the welcoming tone.


The interactive survey we designed and built approached financial planning without being overwhelming or overly technical. Morningstar’s financial planning and retirement services became less intimidating and more appealing to users as the survey inspired them to take control of their future.

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