Dick's Sporting Goods

The Jersey Report

  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Challenge

    Turn Dick’s Sporting Goods’ jersey sales data into an experience fans could enjoy before, during, and after the game.

  • Solution

    Interactive sales data visualizations that spur on competition between fans and provide a unique measure of each player’s popularity.

  • Results

    A vivid, engaging experience that allowed DSG to enhance fans’ enjoyment of the game, and increase awareness around their brand.

The Numbers Behind the Numbers. At the end of the day, jersey sales are just a different kind of stat — and there’s nothing a dedicated sports fan cares about more than stats. With the Jersey Report, we took Dick’s Sporting Goods’ (DSG) vast amount of data on players’ jersey sales and put them into play. The web app we built converted sales numbers into vivid data visualizations that fans could use to measure the popularity of their favorite player, and share sales triumphs with friends.

  • Concept Development Sending in Stats

    First, we sketched out all the conceivable metrics that fans could use to sort DSG’s jersey sales data. Next, our digital analysts dove deep into the previous year’s data set to determine the most engaging ways to serve data points to consumers. We came up with a variety of dynamic data visualizations that helped users compare their team heroes to other players, and enjoy some team spirit (or rivalry) with other fans.

  • Data Management The Need for Speed

    We wanted to make DSG’s vast store of data both nimble and accessible. Using Ruby on Rails, we created a site that converted a pool of data usually restricted to journalists and statisticians into a fast-paced, real-time activity for consumers. Fans could quickly and easily compare data by team, player, position, division, and even create weekly and monthly comparisons.

  • Interaction Design Let's Play

    The app needed to be more than just quick — it also needed to be fun. We wanted to create an experience that was dynamic and entertaining...a little like the game itself. We focused on developing interactions that could flip, fly, and fold, whether you were using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Ecommerce Turning Brags into Business

    All the charts and graphs on The Jersey Report were designed to be shareable so fans could brag to their hearts’ content. Prompts to shop for jerseys on DSG’s online store are also smoothly integrated throughout the site, so fans could join their friends and show their team spirit.


We brought DSG’s jersey sales data to life with a visually-rich, interactive experience that appealed to sports fans and statisticians alike.