Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers. Player jerseys are one of their most popular items—so popular, in fact, that jersey sales data has become a key point of interest for sports fans, providing insight into which teams and players are performing well in the eyes of fellow fans. DSG teams up with Viget to bring this data to life. Now fans can get in the game by viewing, analyzing—and bragging about—their team's performance via beautifully-designed custom sales reports available at the Jersey Report.

What we did


DSG came to us with two things: a great concept and lots of data. The concept? Publishing a weekly “top 10” ranking of jersey sales for the NFL, which had been popular with fans the previous year. In collaboration with DSG and their PR agency, Catalyst, we pushed the concept further and leveraged our exceptional development chops to make the data more current, detailed, customizable, and accessible. In a nutshell, we converted cold, hard data into a compelling story about player and team performance, letting fans get in on the action through a delightful and interactive web app.


Making tons of complex data digestible and sharable—that’s more easily said than done. Our Design and Marketing teams put their heads together to sketch out all the conceivable metrics that fans could use to sort their sales data, along with salient infographics. Then, our Digital Analysts dove deep into the previous year’s dataset to determine the most effective ways to serve a myriad of data points to consumers. The result is a variety of dynamic visuals—like a ranking chart, a pie chart, a map, and a line graph—that get the word out about teams, players, and the DSG brand, all while fueling fans' fervor.

Designing a Branded Experience

Equally important was hitting just the right balance between the unique Jersey Report experience and the overall DSG brand. We used Dick’s iconic green for the background so that fans intuitively feel Dick’s brand behind each swipe. At the same time, we custom-designed all the logos, iconography, jerseys, and sports-specific visuals to help drive fans to what they care about most—the stats on their favorite sports and players and, of course, adding a new jersey to their personal collection.

Responsive Design

Sports fans want their data available whether they’re at work, on the couch, or in the stands. We made The Jersey Report responsive so that fans can stay up to date on which jerseys are trending. The fan’s experience is rich and consistent across all devices. Want to pit RGIII against Polamalu while on the go? The charts load just as quickly, look great, and sharing is still a snap.

Data Management

The data presented on The Jersey Report isn’t marketing fluff.  Updated daily, it reflects real sales data to give fans a compelling reason to come back. Using the Ruby on Rails framework, our development team created unique solutions to convey lots of data to lots of fans—instantly upon request. Simply put, the site is fast. What’s more, our developers devised new ways to let fans compare data by team, player, position, division, with weekly and monthly comparisons, and then share images with friends and followers. Fans always have new data at their fingertips, ready to be sorted, viewed, and shared.


We knew the the experience of interacting with the Jersey Report would need to be as engaging as the data itself.  Our front-end development team focused on polished interactions that leverage the native functionality of your device, whether it’s desktop, tablet, or mobile. The result: you just can't help flipping from chart to chart and sharing with your friends. It's simply irresistible!

Sharing & Promotion

Sports fans love to brag, and what better way to taunt the Super Bowl champion friends in Baltimore than sending them the indisputable evidence that our quarterback here in DC is far more popular than theirs?  (Who are we kidding—we’d still prefer another ring, but you get the idea.)  All the charts and graphs on The Jersey Report are sharable via Facebook and Twitter so you can brag to your heart’s content.


All this excitement about jerseys just makes you want to buy a few, doesn’t it?  Throughout the site, fans are encouraged to shop jerseys on DSG’s online store.