Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Website Redesign

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo needed an updated digital presence that matched their organizational aspirations – whether that’s selling admissions and merchandise, helping visitors navigate the park, or attracting corporate sponsors. The new site required a new design and UX strategy with a content structure focusing on the unique hands-on experiences the zoo offers. The new Cheyenne Mountain Zoo website modernizes their digital profile and the presence of their amazing animals, staff, and supporters, with a design and experience that complements its reputation as one of the best zoos in the country.

  • The on-site kickoff was a perfect opportunity to collaborate on the goals and priorities for the new site.
  • We worked to make the navigation intuitive for both repeat and new visitors to the site.
  • The new design showcases the unique personality of the zoo and brings users up close and personal with the animals.
  • A strong component-based design means each page can be custom built to easily accommodate a wide variety of content.


The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo needed a website that provided users with an online experience as impactful as their trips to the zoo. This required a completely new strategy for content, UX, and design.