Campaign User Research

  • Challenge

    Our client needed qualitative information to more fully understand the success and opportunities of their campaign targeting adults looking to save for retirement.

  • Solution

    Conduct moderated, in-person research to gather user insights about their audiences’ experience and sentiment with their campaign site.

  • Results

    A strategy for increasing the effectiveness of existing content and enhancing the site over time.

What happens after you launch a campaign site? In 2017, Viget worked with a client to design and build their campaign site, which empowers 50-somethings to save for retirement. After launch, we reviewed analytics data on an ongoing basis and led a research engagement to answer more nuanced questions about site performance and the content's effectiveness. We moderated in-person sessions with over 30 individuals to learn about their personal finances and plans for retirement. We observed as participants interacted with the site and its content, which helped us answer questions like Is the content easy to understand?, Are there usability issues that need to be addresses?, and What factors contribute to users' financial decisions?. Additionally, we identified opportunities to improve the usability of the website and ways to provide users with more relevant action items. Based on this, our client is now equipped to update site copy and modify their site content flow across the site.

  • A sampling of the User Research Recommendations report, a deliverable produced by Viget's UX Researchers.
  • Photos of Viget UX researchers interviewing participants.
  • An illustration of three user profile cards, showing that we interviewed 31 participants from a variety of backgrounds.


We conducted moderated research to help a client understand what was working well on the campaign site and what could be improved. Our client now has a roadmap for how to improve site content and enhance the site over time.