Making practical design beautiful. BDI (Becker Designed, Inc.) is known for its high-end furniture that pairs a modern design aesthetic with uncompromising performance and practicality. Unfortunately, their aging, hard-coded HTML site was rapidly falling behind their own meticulous design and functionality standards. To successfully rebuild the site, we needed to take BDI’s “sweat the details” company ethos and translate it into a compelling brand story on a modern CMS, Craft. On the back-end, we had to turn reams of offline product information into a functional data model, reimagine the entire site architecture, and introduce new ecommerce capabilities using Craft Commerce.

  • Challenge

    Tell the BDI story in a clear, consistent, and compelling way that helps users discover products and ultimately find a retailer.

  • Solution

    Develop a content model and brand strategy to guide new content decisions; use redesigned product pages as the foundation of the site.

  • Results

    A completely rebuilt, reorganized, and redesigned site that is an authentic representation of BDI’s mission to make beautiful design practical.

How we did it.

  • Brand Strategy

    This initial phase included research, challenge and opportunity definition, and the selection of our final brand strategy direction.

  • Concept and Data Modeling

    We translated BDI’s existing product information into a consistent, well-structured data model that served as the foundation for the CMS.

  • Focus on Product Pages

    We structured the site to facilitate navigation to product pages, and used those pages to finalize our new design aesthetic and copywriting tone.

  • Build

    We got into build as soon as we could, which allowed our Front-end, Design, and UX teams to iterate more efficiently and build mobile views directly in-browser.

  • Photo Tagging

    It’s frustrating to see a product you love in a beautifully styled photo but have no way of knowing which product it actually is. To solve this problem, we introduced a “photo tagging” feature that lets users click on the product "tags" of an image to jump directly to the product pages of the items featured in that image.

  • Data Import

    Every BDI product has its own unique set of data, including shelf and compartment dimensions, weight capacity, finishes, and more. We worked with BDI’s in-house developers to map the data within their legacy system to our new Craft data structure and then import it using a Craft plugin.

  • Reimagined Product Pages

    We wanted our new product pages to be both beautiful and practical, so we structured them with an initial “info” panel that clearly surfaces product details buried in the previous design. We also introduced a “marketing” module to showcase large environmental images and a “feature detail” section that pairs descriptions of product functionality with detailed product close-ups.