Our Areas of Expertise

Performance Audits

Before embarking on improving web performance, conducting a performance audit is a crucial first step. This process helps to surface any problem areas that need improvement, from user facing front-end issues, to back-end and infrastructure related concerns. Findings from a performance audit are empowering for making informed decisions about where to prioritize making improvements.

The Business Cost of Slow Site Speed Performance
Jeremy Frank, Former UI Development Director

Optimization Sprints

Findings from performance audits are used to plan focused optimization sprints. Teams are empowered to efficiently focus on specific problem areas, from code optimization, to image improvements, to infrastructure updates and caching improvements. This data-driven approach ensures that optimization efforts are well-informed, strategic, and ultimately produce better web performance, which leads to improved user experience and better business outcomes.

The Marriage of Web Performance and User Experience
Tyler Berg, Former Senior Product Designer

Performance Monitoring

Having a method in place for monitoring web performance is important for ensuring that any improvements made, remain in place over time. From performance testing to reporting and alerting, an automated process can be established using a combination of open source tools and third-party services, in order to help prevent web performance regressions from happening.