Communication Strategy

Our Areas of Expertise

Kickoff Workshops

We start our strategy engagements with a kickoff workshop that is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current communication. This involves talking about what is and isn’t working for your team, highlighting places where content is falling short, thinking through your different audience groups, and examining how people are engaging with (or not engaging with) your current areas of communication.

Does My Design Project Need a Strategy?
Ally Fouts, Former Creative Director

Brand Assessment

After the kickoff workshop, we work to articulate the communication problems we uncovered as a group and identify specific communication goals to address those problems. We use this set of problems and goals to guide the development of our core strategy — the foundational idea upon which our design and messaging will be built. This strategy can also help shape decisions about content structure and organization.

How to Be a Problem Finder
Natalie Reich, Former Brand Strategist

Develop & Execute

After developing and refining the core strategy — in partnership with your team to ensure it fully addresses your communication problems and goals — we can begin building your new digital experience. As a full-service digital agency, Viget is uniquely positioned to both develop communication strategy and execute on it with compelling creative and cutting-edge software development.

How Writers Make Brands
Elyse Kamibayashi, Former Senior Brand Strategist

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