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Since 1999, Viget’s been working with startups to create digital products. Now, we’re applying those years of experience to help the emerging wave of hardware startups reduce execution risk, reduce time to market, and innovate faster. By combining our traditional software design and development services with electrical and mechanical engineering, we can create complete solutions that will make your connected product goals a reality.


For audiences now, the line between digital marketing and real-world experiences is becoming increasingly blurred. Brands need to be able to adapt — to give their customers something that they don’t just read or scroll, but touch and walk through. We work with you to design and fabricate physical activations that customers can interact with in real time, and that will generate data and content to benefit an even larger audience.

Cloud IoT Services

Not only do we have the skills to create polished prototypes of your ideas — we can also build the software that links them all together. Complex projects that often require multiple teams can be done efficiently and excellently by our one, experienced team. Our capabilities cover the spectrum, from building the firmware to writing the software in the cloud and on the app itself.

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