January 6, 2017

Let’s Talk About:

Viget’s New Year Update

We're excited for 2017 and the interesting work we have on deck, but we're also sad to say goodbye to a fun and productive 2016 — a year where our work took the form of galloping brooches, video game launches, and well-documented election coverage. Here are some highlights from the past few months:

To mark LeBron James’ entry into the top-10 scorers in NBA history, we worked with ESPN to track LeBron’s journey from draft day to his most recent game, and offer predictions for what it will take for him to become the greatest of all time.

We love data, hardware, and weather forecasts, so we put our heads together to create a giant, mechanical, one-of-a-kind installation that moves, illuminates, and constantly updates to show the predicted weather forecast for the next 15 hours at our different office locations.

After months of research and number-crunching, JUST Capital collaborated with Viget to unveil a custom interactive visualization that highlights top performers in each industry and inspires users to explore the data for themselves.

Check out our 2016 State of the Web report to get our take on the most important trends of 2016 and beyond. Learn how mobile devices are fueling online access across the globe, which social networks are most engaging, and how tech titans are rethinking the way we consume news.

State of the Web 2016

We believe the best work happens when talented people trust each other enough to be real and take risks, and we’re looking to grow our team in a big way in 2017! Here are a few of our current openings:

Viget Careers

Washington DC Metro
105 West Broad Street
4th Floor
Falls Church, VA 22046

Durham, NC
309 E. Chapel Hill Street
4th Floor
Durham, NC 27701

Boulder, CO
1002 Walnut St.
3rd Floor
Boulder, CO 80302

Chattanooga, TN
800 Market St.
Suite 213B
Chattanooga, TN 37402