November 10, 2016

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Versatility Is Our Innovation

When you specialize in a particular skill, how do you maintain a sense of diversity across your body of work?

Versatility enables growth. If you’re solving the same problems or delivering similar solutions for multiple clients, you’re missing an opportunity for growth. It’s time to take a step back and reframe the problems.

We value curiosity and look forward to new challenges. That’s how we’ve been able to develop such a broad foundation of work—both as an internal team and for our clients. We build “pointless” things. We empathize, reframe, and empower our team to think beyond the project brief because we believe this makes our work better.

Explore our work to learn more about what makes Viget—“Viget.”

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Community Thoughts on Versatility Is Our Innovation...

  1. 1. How Curiosity Cultivates Creativity There is no avenue to cultivating creative work aside from impassioned curiosity.
  2. 2. The Art of Curiosity Be fluid. Instead of having a fixed linear path for how to get there, embrace randomness and serendipity along the way.
  3. 3. An Interview with Tad Carpenter Through making, you find yourself. The more you make, the more you identify with who you are as a designer and creator.
  4. 4. What Working at Google can Teach You About Running an Artisanal Company It’s coming at a problem from understanding your users and not just ‘I have a great idea for a product.’
  5. 5. Meet the Leadership Team Driving GM’s Recovery In such a complex business, we will make better decisions if we bring our different points of view.

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