Newsletter September 16, 2021

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The Dynamic Landscape of JavaScript Tooling

Danny Brown

By Danny Brown, Senior Developer

Our developers have had the pedal to the metal this past month, discovering and documenting some of our best practices around JavaScript development tooling. Whether we're building a native app or redesigning a website, we use JavaScript daily to create compelling products and platforms for our clients. We've found that having a unified and well-communicated toolset when tackling problems in JavaScript can help our large team stay on the same page, as well as provide newer developers a starting point during onboarding.

JavaScript tooling is complex and there never is a single “correct” way to do it. Some tools work better with others, and documenting these tools and their interactions is a powerful way to help other developers. Check out one of these recent introductory articles below, written by my colleague, Mariel de la Garza.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Modern JavaScript Tooling “The strength is that if you don’t like a tool, you can easily replace it - there are alternatives for most tools I’ve described here.”
  2. 2. A Complete Guide to JavaScript Tooling “There is no right or wrong silver bullet solution. The combination of tools you use can be completely up to you depending on how much effort you can put into configuring and setting up. You can achieve the same results with different tools and settings.”
  3. 3. JavaScript Tooling to the Rescue “JavaScript ecosystem relies on tools that help developers to resolve problems and build amazing apps. These tools provide support to clean code, compatibility issues and performance.”

What We’re Up To

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Join Laura Sweltz, UX Research Director, on 9/21 for a 30-minute webinar on what UX Research is and a four-step framework for defining an approach.

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Developer Nick Telsan shares how to build a GraphQL API with Node.js, Prisma, and Apollo.

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Earlier this month, we held our Fall TTT Event. Read about our quarterly Third Third Thursday tradition from our co-founder and CEO, Brian Williams.

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With a focus on speed and efficiency, we built an app with Project Beacon all the way from scheduling to sampling to results.


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