January 9, 2019

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Product Strategy

At Viget, we begin most product engagements with a research and strategy phase. During this phase, we define the problem we’re trying to solve and articulate a clear strategy for how we’re going to solve it. It’s an underrated and sometimes misunderstood step in the product development process, but we’ve found that, when done well, it’s what allows us to create the most value for our clients in the work that follows.

If you’re new to product strategy and still getting the lay of the land, we recently wrote a primer for getting started. Once you’ve covered the basics, check out the articles below for more in-depth writing on how to do effective strategy work.

Read About Why You Need a Product Strategy (and How to Get One)

Community Thoughts on Product Strategy...

  1. 1. Vision vs. Strategy Cagan explains the distinction between a vision and a strategy and why both are valuable to product work: “In order for a product team to actually be empowered and act with any meaningful degree of autonomy, the team must have a deep understanding of the broader context.”
  2. 2. What is Good Product Strategy? Perri discusses how to implement a product strategy through experimentation and refinement: “The problem is that when we treat a product strategy like a plan, it will almost always fail.”
  3. 3. The Four Tenets of UX Strategy This chapter from Levy’s book, “Designing for Product Strategy,” describes her methodology: “It’s not enough to understand your marketplace if you don’t talk directly to your customers. It’s not enough to validate that your product works if you’re not creating something unique.”
  4. 4. The 10 Commandments of Good Products Part of being a good strategic partner is understanding how products create value for users. This article looks at ten common traits successful products share.

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