Higher Education

Our Higher Education clients include:

Our Areas of Expertise

Team Feedback

We have experience in a variety of approaches for navigating stakeholder feedback. We understand the importance of creating an effective cadence to gathering information — using everything from one-on-one stakeholder interviews to A/B testing. This ensures that we’re able to ask the right questions and work efficiently towards the correct solution.

Research & Data

We’re committed to creating a user experience that accommodates all user types. That’s why every decision we make is informed by data and thoughtful user research — so we’re able to accommodate the prospective student looking for admissions information, faculty members managing their courses, and everyone in between.

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Team Collaboration

We know how to partner with internal teams to not only implement solutions but extend them beyond the project period. If your team is responsible for build during the project, we’re happy to collaborate and provide support at every stage of the process. We also know how to equip teams with the tools and information to maintain and extend our work long past our engagement.