Digital Project Manager Apprentice

Viget is a digital agency and a software development shop. We partner with clients (like Project Beacon, Motley Fool, and HRC) to build digital products. Sometimes those products are apps, and sometimes they’re websites. Our software developers, designers, and other talented Internet-builders create these products, but they can’t do it alone. They rely on talented leaders to hatch a plan, anticipate challenges, help solve problems, keep everyone collaborating effectively, and serve as the central point of communication. And those people are called Digital Project Managers (DPMs).

The Digital Project Manager Apprenticeship brings smart, tech-savvy, people-savvy professionals into the career they were born for. You'll work alongside a dedicated mentor, learning the skills and knowledge you need to run projects, and gaining valuable exposure to client projects resulting in real digital products.

The Basics

  • The Digital Project Manager Apprenticeship is offered in-person at four of our office locations (Falls Church, VA; Durham, NC; Chattanooga, TN; and Boulder, CO) or remotely for US-based candidates.
  • The apprenticeship lasts 10 weeks, from September 13 to November 19.
  • Apprentices are expected to work 40 hours/week (9-5, M-F, but we can be flexible).
  • Total compensation of $6,000.
  • You must have the permanent, legal right to work in the US. We are unable to offer work visa sponsorship at this time.

About You:

  • You love the Internet and are excited about the tech industry.
  • You ask a lot of questions and enjoy learning new things. People like teaching you because of your aptitude for learning.
  • You’re tech savvy. Maybe you even know the basics of web software development, and are eager to dive deeper.
  • You’re very organized and love to get things done.
  • You’re a strong communicator, both in writing and when speaking. You’re able to help a group of people understand each other.
  • You’re a proactive collaborator, and you bring exceptional emotional intelligence to all your interactions.
  • You like a challenge and take pride in your work. Everyone knows you’re a hard worker and always reliable.
  • When confronted with a new, unfamiliar problem, you love the process of figuring out the best path forward. 
  • Being a part of a team is important to you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the tech you love actually works: what needs to happen to create those things we call websites and digital products? Hint: it’s complex, but amazing.
  • How to work with clients: who are clients anyway? How can we communicate with, teach and work with them so that our digital stuff solves their problems?
  • How to select and champion project management methodologies: when is the best time to create an agile team? How do you plan sprints, retros, and write user stories?
  • How to work with makers: what does it mean to be a maker? How can we help developers and designers do their best work?
  • How to solve problems: big problems, small problems, tech problems, people problems—you will learn how to find solutions and make decisions that set the vision, tone, and pace of projects.
  • Your own talents in our industry: where do you make your most positive impact? Which part of Internet-building do you love most? Maybe it’s being a DPM. Maybe it’s something else. After ten weeks, you’ll know.
  • The value of close mentorship: you will closely shadow a full-time PM, learning the day-to-day nuances of the DPM role and agency life.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive workplace. We value the new perspectives and contributions of each person who joins Viget. In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients and make the digital world better for everyone, we seek to expand the diversity of our team. We designed the Viget Apprenticeship for career-changers and those early in their careers to accelerate their paths in their chosen field, and we encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

How to Apply:

The deadline to apply has passed.  

Please note that if you're interested in more than one Apprenticeship role, you only need to submit one application. Select your first choice, and then let us know under “Additional Information” if you'd like to be considered for more than one role.

Before you get in touch, free to learn more about Emily and Erica on Viget's People Team. You can also get to know us better on Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Dribbble, and by exploring

We maintain a drug-free workplace. We are unable to offer work visa sponsorship at this time.

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