Workshop: Social Design for the Enterprise

M. Jackson Wilkinson, Former Viget

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If you're in the DC area (or even if you're not), it's worth checking out the workshop we'll be hosting next week with the renowned Thomas Vander Wal as he teaches attendees how to design and execute social products in larger organizations. Here's the description:

It's tempting to follow the lead of mainstream social networks and applications when you bring social principles to your organization, but it seldom works out as planned. Firewalls, organizational structures, training, and interaction with direct customers are all too common hinderances.

This workshop, led by InfoCloud's Thomas Vander Wal, focuses on building, deploying, and using social tools inside (and outside) organizations based on deep understanding of the foundations of social tools and how people interact with each other using them. We'll work through tools (features and functionality), user experience (ease of use), sociality (how people interact with each other), and encouraging use.

While the design and human interaction problems involved are often overlooked and not well understood, this workshop will provide models and frameworks that can help you think through these problems and find success for your organizations and clients.

We're keeping the workshop fairly small, but we've still got a few tickets left. Check out the workshop's page here. We hope to see you there!

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