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Anna Lewis, Former Senior Recruiter

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Hey, college kids! Pop quiz:

  1. How many internships will Viget offer in Summer 2013?
  2. When should you apply?
  3. When can you expect to hear back from us?
  4. What special torture* does our evaluation process involve anyway?
  5. Our internship experience is hard to beat because:
    1. Your work will be tough, meaningful, and interesting.
    2. You'll get top-notch mentorship.
    3. You'll learn new tools so you can get a J-O-B after graduation.
    4. It's all the creativity! Which happens every day.
    5. all of the above

Stumped? Not to worry! We've just announced all the details for our 2013 internship program.

Check it out here.

Discover why Viget's internships are exceptional. Then apply. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

*Actually, applicants often tell us that our process is pretty fun. Why not find out for yourself?

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