• Xometry
  • Challenge

    Startup Xometry is a new technology for the manufacturing industry. They needed to gain customers’ trust and persuade them to try a new way of doing things.

  • Solution

    Develop a visual design befitting a world-class tech disruptor and a site architecture that helps Xometry explain, persuade, and convert new customers.

  • Results

    A user-centered redesign for the Xometry marketing site that effectively builds credibility and wins over customers.

A modern approach to a manual process. What if engineers and procurement officers could receive pricing for parts instantly instead of waiting the industry-norm of several days for quotes to come back from vendors? With Xometry, they can—in 60 seconds or less. Xometry used software to build a robust and scalable manufacturing platform. It leverages a proprietary algorithm based on machine learning, computational geometry, and production history to provide instant quotes on CAD files. Then, Xometry routes jobs through its network of manufacturing partners to maximize efficiency on both sides. We worked with the startup to develop a user-centered site strategy to more effectively explain Xometry’s value and benefits and establish credibility for their organization in the manufacturing space.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Animation Explaining Through Animation

    A completely new service can take some time to explain in words. So we instead crafted custom animations that illustrate how Xometry works in a matter of seconds, no reading required.


The final result for Xometry is a strategic, user-centered site redesign that effectively explains Xometry’s value and benefits. Thoughtful design and custom animations give them the credibility they needed to flourish in the manufacturing space.

Areas of Expertise