New Enterprise Associates

  • Challenge

    New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm, had a mountain of content that needed to be presented in a simple, impactful way.

  • Solution

    We used stakeholder interviews to help NEA understand their identity as a company, and what sets them apart from competitors.

  • Results

    A responsive site with a bold design reflective of NEA’s approach to investing, including a structure that’s uniquely suited to tell their story.

Bold company, bold design. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a leading global venture capital firm based in Washington, DC, with offices in California, China, and India. Despite containing a great deal of information, their corporate website didn’t convey their passion for partnering with entrepreneurs to build transformational businesses in information technology, healthcare, and energy technology. By combining first-hand testimonials about their work with a creative new design approach, we built a site for NEA that shows the world who they are.

  • Research Discovering the Industry

    We first interviewed stakeholders to gather information about the business and its structure to define what makes NEA unique in the venture capital space. We augmented our findings with analytics to help us understand how users were navigating through the existing site and how we could improve the experience.

  • Content Strategy Fewer Words, More Impact

    Our research gave us the insights needed to streamline how NEA told its story online and deliver a more concise, meaningful message to users. We structured the new site to make it easier to learn about NEA's people, history, focus areas, and investments.

  • Visual Design Concept-Led Design

    NEA keeps its teams working together as One Fund, as opposed to the fragmented, single-fund-based teams most other firms employ. To illustrate this unique concept, we created the One Fund icon as the basis for the redesign, then crafted the remaining icons representing Team (partnerships), History (growth), and Portfolio (sectors).

  • Development Built With the Future in Mind

    A full responsive site built on ExpressionEngine gave NEA the flexibility and control to edit and create new content, while scaling their site as the business grows and takes on new investments.


We worked closely with New Enterprise Associates to understand who they are and what they do. We were able to craft a concept for their corporate site that is uniquely designed and structured for their distinct approach. Their passion for investing shines through in the clear messaging and bold visuals we designed.