Viget worked with NEA, a leading global venture capital firm, to re-architect and redesign their corporate website to convey NEA's passion for partnering with entrepreneurs to build transformational businesses across multiple sectors, stages, and geographies.

What we did


In redesigning the experience, Viget ensured the NEA staff and portfolio of companies were brought to light in an informative and engaging way.

As we do with all projects, we began with research. Stakeholders were interviewed to gather key information about the business and its structure, and this knowledge along with analytical site usage data was leveraged in developing a compelling user experience and visual design.  We also ensured the site was accessible to users across platforms, with a responsive front-end built on the robust and flexible ExpressionEngine platform.

Iconography & Branding

Traditionally, venture capital firms will fragment their teams between multiple funds. NEA maintains that their team is best able to serve their entrepreneurs and companies as One Fund working together.

In creating a visual system for this unique approach, we were tasked with illustrating multiple objects coming together to form a larger, unified object. The initial One Fund icon illustrated that concept perfectly and was well received by NEA. Using the One Fund icon as a base, we then crafted the remaining icons representing Team (partnerships), History (growth), and Portfolio (sectors).

The coloring and shape of the One Fund icon served as a basis for much of the redesign.

Storytelling & Layout Design

Based on extensive interviews with stakeholders, we were able to key in on what makes NEA unique in the venture capital space. We turned this insight into a series of pages that dramatically improved how NEA told its story online. Additionally, we made it easier for people to discover and learn about NEA's people, history, and investments.

Ultimately, we were able to deliver a more meaningful message to prospective partners in fewer pages and fewer words.