Mass General Giving

Massachusetts General Hospital is the original teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Giving is the digital home base for their sophisticated fundraising and development program. Mass General asked us to help them simplify and organize their site based on their core donor journeys, overarching fundraising strategies, and donor lifecycle. The site also needed a full visual redesign to establish a flexible design system that could accommodate future content needs and align with their technical foundation. We recommended an approach built on two pillars: an information architecture and content strategy that allows for personalized user pathways, and page layouts built with modular components.

  • The Giving site on desktop, tablet, and mobile
    Massachusetts General Hospital uses Massachusetts General Giving as the digital home base for their fundraising and development program.
  • Content Strategy Fixing the Funnel

    Mass General had a content strategy that focused on high-traffic article pages. This brought visitors to the site but had high bounce rates, as the site didn't encourage further action or content exploration. Simultaneously, other pages actually drove most of their conversions — but only if someone happened to land on them. These pages weren’t often seen or discovered by site visitors.

  • Personalized Pathways Cultivation + Conversion

    Our solution focused on creating flexible entryways into these high-value pages from other high-traffic areas of the site. This new system of personalized user pathways resulted in a website that more effectively balances cultivation and conversion by helping visitors make informed decisions in the right place and at the right time.

  • MGH Giving's systematic design
    Our design team produced over forty high-fidelity pages with detailed annotations for development handoff.
  • MGH Giving site homepage
    The new site is built for personalized user pathways and flexible content with its modular components.


We helped Massachusetts General Giving simplify and organize their fundraising site based on their core donor journeys, overarching fundraising strategies, and donor lifecycle.