Identity Guard

Identity Guard Brand Strategy

  • Challenge

    Identity protection software company Identity Guard needed a way to differentiate themselves in a saturated — and often alarmist — market.

  • Solution

    A brand strategy for their consumer-facing product that overhauls their messaging, visual identity, and user experience using a refreshingly honest approach.

  • Results

    A strategy-informed site and onboarding flow that aims to boost conversions by demystifying Identity Guard’s industry, their company, and their service.

Rethinking the business of identity. Identity protection software company Identity Guard isn’t just a big player in the space: they actually originated the entire category back in 1999. Since then, a number of competitors have entered the field, and with them, a trend of stark imagery with vague, fear-based sales tactics emerged. No one can really prevent identity theft. The value of these products lies in their ability to monitor data and communicate any damages after they happen. With this reality in mind, we designed a completely new way for Identity Guard to clearly articulate their value to customers along with their differentiators from competitors.

  • Brand Strategy Honesty as Policy

    We realized that one of the chief ways to communicate Identity Guard’s unique solution was to emphasize a human touch. We accomplished this by expressing honesty about the problem of identity theft and highlighting the real people who make up their customer care team with a new voice and conversational copy, along with introducing vibrant color and photography.

  • Product Strategy Less is More

    Identity Guard’s previous product offerings operated under the assumption that people want as many options as possible when choosing a service, offering half a dozen plans differentiated only by lists of undefined features. Leveraging data indicating that choice paralysis was leading to confusion and uncompleted checkouts, we redesigned the options into a much simpler format.

  • User Experience Design Value Over Features

    One of the core tenets of our strategy was speaking to value before features, something that was supported by data that showed how prospective customers were using their old site. Gone are contextless lists of features, now replaced with more comprehensive language around how the features impact customers’ lives.


We combined a reimagined brand strategy with a data-informed user experience to help Identity Guard, an identity theft protection service, reposition themselves in the market. Their new site focuses on the human element, with skilled experts explaining both the problem of identity theft and their unique solution.

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