Hamilton Company Ecommerce Site

  • Hamilton
  • Challenge

    Scientific device manufacturer Hamilton Company needed a new site design that presented their complex catalogue of products in a way that was both clear and comprehensive.

  • Solution

    A UX-focused engagement with special attention paid to the data model for organizing, categorizing, and displaying Hamilton’s product offerings.

  • Results

    A redesigned site leveraging Craft CMS + Craft Commerce to make Hamilton’s product portfolio easy to manage by staff and easy to shop for by customers.

Threading the needle. Hamilton Company has a unique challenge in the ecommerce space: not only do they make a variety of robotics platforms, storage systems, sensors, and laboratory products, but they also offer a menu of specialized products — like syringes — that are customizable to a nearly infinite degree. Making this myriad of options findable and easy to purchase for customers might have seemed like a job for a custom-built content management system, but after conducting a technical discovery and functionality assessment, Viget determined that Craft CMS paired with Craft Commerce was a great fit.

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  • PrototypingA Model for Risk Mitigation

    Working through discovery with Hamilton went beyond creating documents and spreadsheets. We built a prototype that allowed us to vet data modeling decisions in the CMS and translate that to an early version of the front-end product browsing experience. Iterative progress-sharing and collaboration with the Hamilton team allowed us to spot potential problems and edge-cases well before starting the full build, thereby mitigating the risk of getting far into design and development before identifying that an approach wouldn’t work.

  • DevelopmentMigrating Complex Data

    Hamilton’s legacy CMS was difficult to use and had a complicated data model that was different than the data model for the new site. Using the newly structured and reorganized data, we developed a custom plugin to accommodate the data model differences and automate product data migration to the new CMS. In addition to an unintuitive CMS, the previous site experience for front-end site visitors was suboptimal and slow. To load thousands of products on the new site without hindering performance, we leveraged Algolia, a powerful search tool that served as the foundation for our multifaceted search and filtering system. Getting creative with off-the-shelf solutions let us deliver enterprise-quality software without any of the enterprise-style clunkiness.


We focused on the intersection between user experience and data management to turn an off-the-shelf CMS into a solution that feels customized — letting Hamilton Company clearly showcase their complex breadth of products to customers.

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