The Nature Conservancy

Global Solutions

Collect, connect, and amplify.  That was the main goal for The Nature Conservancy’s global solutions site.  As one of the largest environmental non-profits in the Americas, TNC produces a tremendous amount of content across the organization. Some of their most innovative work was getting lost in the shuffle. We built them a powerful tool to weave a stronger narrative around their thought leadership content, broaden the reach of that content, and crystallize their reputation as industry leaders.

  • Challenge

    Showcase TNC’s leadership, expertise, and cross-strategic thinking.

  • Solution

    Use curation as a framework to show the connections between TNC’s global experts, strategic focus areas, and key insights.

  • Results

    An award-winning and rapidly growing platform to promote TNC’s expert voices and share their knowledge.

How we did it.

  • Brand Strategy

    Defining a brand strategy early in the project and working through logo, concept and messaging explorations helped the TNC team distill their vision for the site and set the tone for all future work.

  • Content Mapping

    With thousands of resources to draw from, deciding what to elevate was a big challenge for the TNC team. To help guide them, we developed a content roadmap to show what kinds of content should be included, where the connections would be made, and how each piece would tie into the larger narrative.

  • A Flexible CMS

    Knowing TNC needed to create new content and also to aggregate content from elsewhere, we designed and built a flexible CMS written in Ruby on Rails. Customized to solve their unique challenges, we gave TNC ultimate flexibility in creating and managing content by using our own content editor which allows for the easy addition of photos, videos, styled text, file attachments, buttons, and more.

  • We knew that making connections between disparate content was crucial to telling the real story about what TNC’s experts were uncovering. Our strategy focused on letting TNC’s experts make those connections by creating curated collections, framing up content pieces, and acting as site guides.

  • TNC’s photography is diverse and dramatic. We wanted to make the best use of this invaluable resource, while also making the site manageable. Design and dev worked together to find solutions that limited the number of images needed while maximizing their impact across the site. 

  • Work
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