AHIP.org Redesign

  • AHIP
  • Challenge

    AHIP offered a massive amount of digital content, but their audiences struggled to locate and access the information they depended on.

  • Solution

    A robust ecosystem audit and careful content organization, differentiated design, innovative asset handling, and high quality engineering.

  • Results

    An organized and consolidated digital ecosystem that led to increases in membership signups, event engagement, and interest in policy issues.

Providing for Providers. AHIP is the national association of health insurance providers. These industry professionals rely on AHIP to provide advocacy at the national and state levels, education, and information on the U.S. healthcare system. Prior to our work with AHIP, their digital presence was making it unnecessarily difficult to access those benefits. We worked with AHIP to plan, design, and engineer a site that works for them and their members — one that effectively enables more intuitive access to AHIP’s content, advances their policy agenda, and promotes their professional development.

  • Planning & Discovery Different Audiences, Different Needs

    To understand their full digital ecosystem, our team first mapped out the overlapping needs of AHIP’s audiences. We learned that while member organizations, policymakers, and healthcare industry leaders visit the site to find resources about policy issues, individual healthcare professionals and insurance brokers look for continuing education and professional development opportunities. The key to success on a content-rich website like AHIP.org was first understanding how to deliver content in the right way and at the right time for each of those audiences. We then mapped out all of AHIP’s web operations to make that content actionable. Critically, this included understanding what content needs to be freely available to all, what appears publicly but requires a login for full access, and what is hidden entirely behind a login.

  • A map of AHIP's overlapping audiences and their individual needs
  • Custom Functionality Events and PDFs, Modernized

    Events are a key way AHIP advances their policy agenda and promotes professional development. We empowered AHIP staff to efficiently manage agendas and conference information and focused on creating an exceptional user experience for visitors who need to navigate, filter, and print details easily. For major events, we developed a dedicated section with clear tabs for agenda, speakers, logistics, and sponsors — alongside a prominent and persistent registration CTA. Implementing seamless registration required us to integrate third-party platforms like iMIS, a popular Association Management System. Additionally, we implemented a system for AHIP to take advantage of their extensive collection of PDF documents, offering flexible display options and polished thumbnail images. This modernization enhances AHIP's outreach while strengthening their reputation as a forward-thinking membership organization.

  • A stylized screenshot of an event listing using illustrations and patterns for each event
  • Design Strategy Positive Associations

    In our pursuit to help AHIP stand out from other associations, we developed a distinctive design approach that is also timeless and universal enough to last. Lacking a wealth of high quality photography, we instead crafted a design language that leverages typographic elements, character-based illustrations, and iconography. The parts kit we created is structured enough to enable the AHIP team to independently create consistent, aesthetically excellent illustrations; but flexible enough that designs can easily be tailored to different contexts and use cases across AHIP’s impact areas.

  • A collage of illustrations used in UI and as a collection
  • New Pages and Sites Impacting the Ecosystem

    With a variety of audiences and high-impact goals, clarity is key. To better demonstrate and multiply AHIP’s impact across critical policy issues, we designed and built advocacy landing pages that clearly surface all content related to a given issue on a single page, including resources, news, events, initiatives, and more. And, since advocacy and health insurance information differs on a state-by-state basis, we also built out individual state pages that consolidate information related to that state on an organized, easy-to-parse page. To extend AHIP’s digital reach even further, we designed and developed the Modern Medicaid Alliance microsite; and have supported two other AHIP digital properties, Better Care America and Coalition for Medicare Choices.

  • The AHIP homepage


 We created an AHIP.org that works for their association members and staff. The new site enables access to AHIP’s breadth of content, advances their policy agenda, and promotes professional development opportunities.