Our Areas of Expertise

Delightful Usability

Your customers are unique. Shouldn’t the ways you communicate with them and feature your products also be unique? We use research-driven insights about your particular customers to help determine how we can make your site work for them. From site searchability to faceted tagging, we want to make the purchasing experience simple and delightful for the user.

Incremental Approach

Data analysis is about more than tracking how long someone spends on a page—it can help us find ways to improve conversion rates through small changes. For example, we were able to increase one client's orders by 7% just by changing the navigation schema of their product pages. We focus on quickly and efficiently designing, running, and acting on tests in digital environment to streamline the user flow and boost sales.

Flexible Tech

We know that technology needs are as nuanced as customer needs. When it comes to picking a technology solution, our aim is helping you select the most flexible and right-sized ecommerce platform. Whether that’s Shopify, Craft Commerce, a custom Ruby on Rails + Stripe solution, or a Square handoff, we can recommend the right tool for your business, and implement it too.

Our Work