December 7, 2017

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Kickoffs Done Right

Success on projects results from the interplay of various, unsurprising factors: the right team, timeline, scope, tools, client relationship, and more. Yet, unless client and project teams start off well in the first place, they'll spend valuable time correcting assumptions and backing out of avoidable dead ends.

We're passionate about getting kickoffs right because they're the ideal moment to set the direction and tone of projects. Preliminary research and stakeholder interviews give shape to a kickoff's agenda, which might include empathy mapping and design studio exercises.

Whether working with innovative healthcare companies, international non-profits, or fledgling startups, we’ve found that well-planned and well-executed kickoffs pay dividends: the consequences of a focused, enthusiastic kickoff carry through the rest of the work.

Starting a Project Off Right

Community Thoughts on Kickoffs Done Right...

  1. 1. Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings “Build [kickoff] activities around collaboration and “no risk” exploration. This is the time to explore the full potential for what is possible. Even if you venture out of the previously discussed scope, you are still fermenting ideas that could build a road map for additional work in the future.”
  2. 2. The secrets to successful kickoff meetings “Know beforehand what you want to get out of the meeting, and invite everyone whose presence you think would benefit the project. Follow the agenda based on your needs, and we recommend using the design studio to further your goals.”
  3. 3. Hold A Kickoff Meeting Before Diving Into The Design “The kickoff meeting is the equivalent of a grand opening, bringing all key players together in one room to share information and align to a common purpose. Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to energize the group, set expectations and set guidelines to complete the project on time and on budget.”

We believe the best work happens when talented people trust each other enough to be real and take risks — and we’re looking to grow our team!

We're also looking for our next class of Viget apprentices – we need all applications in by December 9th.

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