Newsletter February 10, 2022

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Following the Path

By Grace Canfield, Former Project Management Director

When you track the behavior of a site visitor, you rarely see a neat progression from the homepage – to an interior page – to a conversion point. Ah, if only.

The reality is much more organic and, frankly, unpredictable. For Massachusetts General Hospital’s Giving site, rather than defining a content strategy that relied on a comfort blanket of overly simplified user journeys, we leveraged a combination of data + strategic thinking to define an information architecture that incorporated flexible user pathways.

Every visitor has different levels of information, engagement, and motivation, so our approach leveraged a robust tagging system to strategically connect related content across the site in ways that not only helped users find the content most relevant to them—but also helped them understand the impact of giving to MGH.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. Understanding Information Scent The theory stipulates that the journey of users following the scent of information to achieve an objective mimics that of an animal following the scent of their prey to satisfy their hunger.
  2. 2. The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques for the Online Search Interface [Berrypicking] is much closer to the real behavior of information searchers than the traditional model of information retrieval is, and, consequently, will guide our thinking better in the design of effective interfaces.
  3. 3. The tyranny of the landing page Like too many digital marketing tactics, they seek to capture a single moment of fleeting interest rather than woo an audience member with a deeper connection.

What We’re Up To

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As we move fully into 2022, it's worth a pause to reflect on our favorite work from last year. See this collection organized by Designer Katie Frohbose.

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Last month, we had our Winter 2022 TTT, our quarterly all-hands meeting. Read this throwback article, in which CEO and Co-Founder Brian Williams talks about this Viget tradition.

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In his latest article, Senior UI Developer Henry Bley-Vroman shares how to automate build/deploy CI/CD with Github Actions.

Mgh giv system

Check out some of our other projects in the healthcare field, including our work supporting the frontline during the COVID19 crisis.


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