March 15, 2018

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Diversifying Skills from Within and Without

What's the best way for an organization to diversify its skill set?

One way is to evolve from within by creating new roles for existing employees. Years ago, Viget’s User Experience and Front End Development teams emerged from a single Design team. More recently, members of our Front and Back End Development teams branched off to form a new JavaScript Developer role. These formal changes are the result of slow, organic change and a culture of giving employees the freedom to pursue their own specializations.

On the other hand, companies may identify a skill gap that can only be filled by bringing in new talent. Introducing a brand new hire in a brand new role can be uncomfortable at first, but when the right person gets the job, it can be transformative.

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We believe the best work happens when talented people trust each other enough to be real and take risks — and we’re looking to grow our team!

Know anyone who'd be a great intern? We have openings in the DC metro area, Durham, and Boulder. Find out more at Viget Internships.

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