August 14, 2018

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Data Science in Digital Agencies

Data science and machine learning have advanced industries such as healthcare, finance, and transportation. In the agency context, data science methods — including topic modeling, sentiment analysis, audience segmentation, and churn prediction — will have a growing influence in creating and growing successful digital products.

Data science and machine learning will help to supercharge traditional analytics and optimization efforts — helping us solve existing problems more effectively and identify new opportunities that we had previously overlooked.

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Community Thoughts on Data Science in Digital Agencies...

  1. 1. The SoDA Report: Global Digital Outlook; Trends to Watch “After years of a promised invasion, the robots are finally coming home to roost - machine-driven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and Programmatic Advertising top the list for investment growth (marketers), revenue growth and anticipated impact on approaches to marketing and design (agency leaders).”
  2. 2. Brands Count on Their Agencies for Data and Digital-Experience Services “Forrester’s survey showed that brands expect their agencies to help them collect and manage this data-unification layer, discover insights from it, build strategies around those insights, and execute the strategies across digital channels.“
  3. 3. Beyond Data Science: Advancing Data Literacy “My dream, though, is a future of More Meaningful Data. And for that, we need: the data gathered and parsed; the data analyzed, interpreted, and contextualized; and the data visualized, narrated, and made accessible. “

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