May 21, 2018

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Data-Driven UX for Large Content Sites

Data helps us design content sites that scale and improve over time. From organizing and prioritizing large amounts of content to testing on-site interactions like menus and search, data provides a valuable lens for evaluating large content sites. For, data guided UX design at multiple levels from information architecture to specific user flows, ultimately resulting in a 59% increase in end-of-year donation revenue.

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Community Thoughts on Data-Driven UX for Large Content Sites...

  1. 1. Using Tree-Testing to Test Information Architecture. “A tree test is like a usability test on the skeleton of your navigation with the design “skin” removed. It allows you to isolate problems in findability in your taxonomy, groups or labels that are not attributable to issues with design distractions, or helpers.”
  2. 2. 5 ways to increase user research in your organization “As user experience designers, making sure that websites and tools are usable is a critical component of our work, and conducting user research enables us to assess whether we’re achieving that goal or not. Even if we want to incorporate research, however, certain constraints may stand in our way. We’ve continued to learn and grow as researchers since then and hope that what we’ve learned along the way can help your clients and coworkers understand the value of research and become better practitioners. Below are some of those lessons.”
  3. 3. Using Card-Sorting to Test Information Architecture. “Card sorting is a great method to use after you’ve run a usability test or tree-test and identified the navigation as a key pain point. Card sorting can be used for all platforms, as intuitive navigation is essential on websites, software, TV menus, and almost anything with more than one feature. What’s nice is that you can have participants perform a card test on desktop software regardless of the platform and still get valuable insights into the intuitiveness of menus and the application organization.”

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