July 16, 2018

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Collaborative Software

With 60+ Viget employees working across 3 offices and 3 outposts, collaboration among teams has a tendency to happen more in software than in any other space. For years, our teams have used tools like Google Docs, Drive, Slack, and Git to ensure teams are working together and making progress. Our most recent tool for collaborating in the design space is Figma where members of our UX, Design, and FED teams work more efficiently.

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Community Thoughts on Collaborative Software...

  1. 1. Figma CEO Dylan Field on Collaboration and Design in the Workplace “If you play back 20 years, developers would’ve said that coding is a solo practice. You’d have to need time and space, and then you’d share it out when you’re finished. Open-source really blew that out. Open-source being online all the time, and eventually GitHub, and all the real-time collaboration stuff, and then Google Docs, and Quip, and Messaging, and on, and on, and on. My sense is that this is an inevitable arrow.”
  2. 2. IBM head of design wields $100M and 1,300 designers to bring design back to IBM “We are past the era of lone designers - we are in the era of teams & collaboration.” - Phil Gilbert GM and head of design at IBM.
  3. 3. 7 Collaborative Software Tools You’ll Love “Choosing the right software stack for your collaboration or network is essential. Get it right, and the tools will drastically increase your ability to share information and work together effectively.”

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