What Puma, World Wildlife Fund, and Shure have in common, and why big business should care.

Jason Sperling, Former Senior Digital Strategist

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Today on Business Insider, Venture capitalist Jim Goetz inked an article on the opportunities for entrepreneurs providing solutions for enterprise. Jim mentioned the ecosystem that has historically been dominated by enterprise software players where “companies are spending $500 billion a year with legacy enterprise companies”, such as SAP and Oracle is now being challenged by more nimble business models and technology solutions.

Viget clients Puma, World Wildlife Fund, and Shure are three companies that exemplify this trend.

Each opted for lightweight, high ROI, and flexible solutions compared to bloated, costly, and difficult-to-customize enterprise technology - with the latter two organizations transitioning off existing enterprise platforms to lightweight systems. 

While the solutions varied, the business goals and the underlying technology used to address these goals (open source Ruby on Rails custom applications) were remarkably similar. 

No longer stuck with slow-moving enterprise software, Viget helped these organizations quickly  adapt to the changing needs within their marketplace. Take mobile as an example -- we’ve worked with these three businesses to deploy a variety of mobile solutions: native iOS applications, responsive design solutions, and standalone mobile sites. These incremental investments integrate seamlessly with their new technology platforms, brand, and marketing. 

While Jim highlights the opportunity for entrepreneurs, this is also an exciting opportunity for businesses to move away from clunky enterprise solutions, increase their ROI on technology spends, and expand their opportunities.

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