What Advertisers and Hipsters Have in Common

Josh Chambers, Former Viget

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  1. Both are super into raising awareness about stuff that others need to be made aware of
  2. Both love blue-collar work. Neither have done more than three minutes of it
  3. Both recycle other people's creativity and pawn it off as their own
  4. Both love their low necklines - especially the dudes
  5. Both are 100% incapable of being swayed by advertising
  6. Both suck at parties - one won't shutup, one won't talk
  7. Both like old crap, but neither have any idea why
  8. Both could do a better job at whatever it is you're talking about 
  9. They're the first person to hear about everything that you have ever heard of
  10. Both love something more than life itself until someone else finds about it. Then, they are both really, really over it
  11. Both spend enough on coffee (organic coffee, mind you) to feed a small nation
  12. "What's that Apple thing called again? Yeah, that. I love that thing"
  13. Giant, black rimmed glasses are a requirement. Prescriptions are optional
  14. Both love the idea of smoking
  15. Both use as many large words as possible (especially "post-modern"). Neither know what those words mean (especially "post-modern")
  16. Somehow or another, both wear New Balance's. This still befuddles me
  17. Both care about the environment so much they watched "An Inconvenient Truth"

And for the record, I probably fall into both of these categories, making me the worst person alive.



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