Viget Blogs by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Zach Robbins, Vice President of Client Strategy

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One of my first exposures to Viget several years ago was reading a blog post on the (now) “Flourish” blog. I then found myself following not only the Flourish posts, but the Inspire (design), Extend (development), Engage (marketing), and Advance (UX) posts, even if the topic was outside of my skill set or interest. I found it fascinating that a company would dedicate so much time to sharing their process, insights, and ideas with their community. I ate up what they had to share, which had a lot to do with me eventually seeking a job at Viget.

Now I find myself writing posts for the same blogs that I once followed so intently. But, why is it that Viget sought to dedicate time to sharing?  Our CEO wrote about the original blog strategy back in 2008.  With the launch of the new in March of this year, Brian commented on the success of the blogs.  We’re big on data here, though, so we decided to dig into the numbers to figure out what kind of impact our blogging strategy has had over the past four years.

While we knew that the blogs had led to some great recruits, a good amount of industry attention, and several key clients, we weren’t sure what to expect when we looked at the numbers. Below is a visualization of some of our findings. This graphic was originally created for an internal meeting, but we figured that since we’ve been sharing all this time, why not share some of the numbers behind the sharing too?

Viget Blogs by the Numbers

Zach Robbins

Zach is our VP of Client Strategy, combining client-focused business acumen with creative digital ideas. He helps bring on new clients and ensures their success, including Discovery Channel, ESPN, Dick's Sporting Goods, and POLITICO.

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