Viget and LaunchBox: The Next Chapter

Ben Adlard, Former Viget

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Viget loves working with start-ups, so when LaunchBox Digital got started in the Washington D.C. area, Viget jumped on board to assist their first round of portfolio companies. What resulted was a series of strategy sessions with Viget designers, marketers and developers. In a couple of cases we took our work a step further, most notably for Legal River and TapMetrics. We also enjoyed redesigning LaunchBox's website to better support their mission.

Earlier this year, LaunchBox extended their presence to North Carolina when they teamed up with Chris Heivly and set up camp a couple miles from Viget South in downtown Durham. I first met Chris at an event earlier this year, so when he joined LaunchBox I was keen to continue the Viget/LaunchBox relationship.

Since LaunchBox welcomed their Fall portfolio companies, we have had the pleasure of speaking with most of the teams and are currently working closely with FiscalPie and CityPockets, two exciting start-ups we are assisting with user experience and visual design.

Viget has been working with start-ups since the company was founded in 1999 and are proud of our partnerships with Spoonflower, Squidoo and ProConit among many others. With our proven experience, exclusive web focus, and commitment to delivering measurable value, we look forward to helping usher in the next wave of successful tech entrepreneurs.

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