TTT: Navigating the Waters

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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Last month, each office met separately for our Quarterly Progress Meeting and I'm happy to report that we are making progress!  We discussed topics such as small projects vs. big projects, responsive design, and our onboarding process.  We concluded each meeting by identifying key traits for both current and potential Vigets.  Some of the top traits, among a long list of others, were "driven", "talented", "light-hearted", and "curious."

After the meetings, we slathered on the sunscreen and bug spray and spent some time in the great outdoors.  Our Third Third Thursday tradition (which we affectionately call TTT) of getting out of the office together remains strong.

With GPS devices and a list of clues in hand, Durham set out in canoes in search of treasure hidden by Frog Hollow.

Falls Church spent the afternoon in Georgetown paddling with Key Bridge Boathouse (formerly Jack's Boathouse).  They made their way around Theodore Roosevelt Island, taking in the National sites while riding kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards.

The Boulder office met up with Rocky Mountain Paddleboard at Gross Reservoir to test out their sea-legs on stand-up paddleboards.

The backdrop was gorgeous and the water was calm...

...unless these guys were chasing you down and trying to knock you off your board.

It was scorching hot on all three days, so the occasional splash or accidental tip into the water was enjoyable and made for some good laughs.

All three Viget offices will be in one location at the next TTT in October, which we always look forward to. I don't know exactly what the event will be yet, but whatever we do will surely carry Viget's Good Time Guarantee!

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