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Together we flourish, even in Space.

By now, you’ve probably heard of TTT, our quarterly team events. If you haven’t, you should read all about their history. TTT, or Third Third Thursday, is a time for us to look back and look ahead. Twice a year, all four offices come together for an all-hands, conference-style experience. The other two TTTs are celebrated locally and casually. Each office meets for a round-table discussion followed by a fun activity out of the office.

In these meetings, we discuss team and industry changes and review business health metrics. Additionally, at each TTT, both our President, Andy Rankin, and CEO Brian Williams, directly field questions from any member of our team. At our TTTs we’ve talked about team diversity and tech ethics, celebrated our victories, and worked through our failures. The conversations have sparked new understanding, new initiatives, new processes, and have truly shaped the company over time. We come together in the spirit of “progress, not perfection.”

While each office is unique, and the conversation is tailored to and shaped by each audience, the People Team finds ways to make everyone’s TTT similar, particularly our afternoon activity, so we can bond over shared experiences, even miles apart. This summer, we all tried our hands at ax throwing, and just a few weeks ago each of our offices got to venture into Space.

Well, sort of.

After a morning meeting, Boulder visited the Fiske Planetarium at CU Boulder.

Durham visited UNC’s Morehead Planetarium.

And since the Smithsonian is refurbishing the Einstein Planetarium, our Falls Church office made our way to the Udvar Hazy center to catch an Imax show and fly a few jets, via simulator.

Each office also got a taste of space food trying Astronaut ice cream, to mixed reviews.

TTTs are more than fun snacks and field trips. They are about finding common ground with colleagues, challenging each other to grow, and re-connecting with folks you don’t work with day-to-day. They are about setting aside time for frank discussion across disciplines and experience levels, and getting outside the office for new perspectives. They are just a little part of what makes Viget so unique.

Are you ready to join us for our next big TTT adventure? It’s Viget20, and it’s going to be a good one. We're hiring.

Aubrey Lear

Aubrey is Viget’s Senior Employee Engagement Manager based in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. She is an organized advocate for color coordinated calendars and closets, but most importantly she is a believer in team spirit and creative thinking.

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