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We spend a lot of time at Viget keeping an eye on new site launches. Since we help traditional businesses be successful online and work with emerging Web 2.0 companies (e.g., Squidoo, Pickle) to plan, design, build, and market their sites, staying current is key for us. People often ask what blogs we follow to keep up, so I did a quick Lab Poll and put together our list of top 10 blogs following Web 2.0 (in no particular order):
  1. TechCrunch - Mike Arrington reviews new companies often after a talk with the founder(s). The reviews are quick and to the point. With 85,000+ feed subscribers ranging from geeks to venture guys, TechCrunch is currently the center of the Web 2.0 buzz.
  2. GigaOM - While not solely focused on Web 2.0, GigaOM is ranked one of the top 100 blogs by Technorati and CNET, with a monthly audience in excess of 500,000.
  3. PostBubble - This blog "asks industry experts about what they believe will succeed or crash and give it to you" -- meaning each review comes with a success or failure bet.
  4. eHub - Designer Emily Chang runs Ideacodes and keeps up eHub with brief listings of new sites, occasional details in her blog, and quick interviews with the brains behind the start-ups.
  5. - This site covers everyday topics around Web 2.0, written by Sid Yadav of Queenstown, New Zealand.
  6. Mashable - Pete Cashmore's blog covers social sites and Web 2.0 startups.
  7. Dion Hinchcliffe - Dion runs Hinchcliffe & Company in nearby Alexandria, VA. His blog generally focuses on the impact Web 2.0 will have on enterprise applications, but with this post Dion predicts the next round of "Breakout" Web 2.0 Sites.
  8. Read/WriteWeb - Here blogger Richard MacManus gives us "information on innovative Web apps and services, together with product positioning, Web news and industry insights."
  9. /Message - Stowe Boyd, another local, is known to be an authority on social media, and his blog covers Web 2.0 accordingly.
  10. SolutionWatch - Brian Benzinger provides well-written, in-depth reviews of emerging sites.
Update - James Yu of BuzzShout (mentioned below) points out the ShoutBlog, where he provides more detailed info about the sites being submitted to BuzzShout. Many of these blogs are part of the Web 2.0 Workgroup, a network of blogs focused on Web 2.0. While its not a blog, last week Seth Godin and Alexaholic put together this list of 937 Web 2.0 companies sorted by their Alexa traffic rank at the Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List. The list is based on the All Things Web 2.0 directory. Both Web 2.0 List and BuzzShout let the users list, rate, and review sites. These are all great resources for following the hundreds of new companies in this space. If it's really just those glossy, pastel logos you care about, skip right to or create one yourself. While we're on the topic, Web 2.0 events and conferences are popping up all over the place. Two notable ones are:
  • O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Conference - Nov. 7-9, San Francisco, CA - Now in its 3rd year, this is the major conference following Web 2.0.
  • The New New Internet - Web 2.0 for Business - Sept. 20, McLean, VA - ExecutiveBiz (which I help to run) is organizing this one-day East Coast event which will focus on the impact Web 2.0 is having on business. Both Dion and Mike Arrington will be speaking, and many emerging companies will demo their wares in the Technology Showcase. Use the promo code "vigetdeal" and get $50 off your registration.
With all the activity around new site launches, following Web 2.0 is increasingly time-consuming. As new blogs jump on our radar, we'll no doubt update our feeds and post an updated list -- let me know if you have any suggestions ... Update: I've created a Squidoo lens called Top Blogs Following Web 2.0 as a more permanent location for this list of blogs and resources.
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