Tony and Clinton Will Speak at RailsConf

Emily Bloom, Vice President of People and Culture

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Two of my awesome colleagues are making Viget proud by speaking at RailsConf next month. Web Developer Tony Pitale will present "User Behavior Tracking with Google Analytics, Garb, and Vanity." Tony will review some tricky Analytics scenarios, show how to get the data back from Google Analytics, and compare the data with A/B test information collected in Vanity. Tony told me he is "excited to share what's I've learned doing an Analytics project at Viget," and we're excited for him.

Development Director Clinton R. Nixon will present "Migrating Plugins and Gems to Rails 3." Clinton's talk is also based on some recent work done around the office and he, too, is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience. "Speaking at RailsConf is an honor and it will be fun share my growing excitement for Rails 3. I hope to share a helpful tip or two, as well. "

RailsConf is in Baltimore, MD, this year -- just a short ride from our HQ office in Falls Church, VA. I won't be attending, but a lot of our development team will be. Get in touch if you're in town for the conference and we should know you. 

Congrats, Tony and Clinton!

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