Third Quarter Starts with Laughing and Splashing

Hilary Barnes, Former Viget

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Last week, each Viget office participated in the Quarterly Recap and Third Third Thursday (TTT) event. Viget South is known for their sense of humor and love of fun, so they opted for an improv comedy workshop at DSI, complete with several group games and performances in pairs.

Andy and Brian drove down to participate and to set a high comedic standard for the rest of the group. Quick-thinking collaboration was required as they improvised conversations on topics ranging from snake-wrestling, escaping a leaky Atlantis, and nuns on parade. The big take-aways from the afternoon were about being positive and paying attention; but, rumor has it they narrowly escaped the throwing and catching of (invisible) daggers and came out of the event grateful that working at Viget is usually a bit dull in comparison to doing improv comedy.

At HQ, Vigeteers geared up in PFDs at Jack's Boathouse for a couple hours on the Potomac river in 90+ degree heat. Known for both their athleticism and ultra-competitve streak, staff glided across the water with incredible speed and agility.

Not all staff hustled to the finish line and, for those who took their time, there was a great deal to see from catfish (really!) to herons to the gorgeous D.C. skyline. More highlights included free parking in Georgetown, the fact that it did not rain, Brian being towed by Intern Paul Koch, Nacho Cheesier Doritos, cookies, and beer. 

Big thanks to all those who participated at both locations. We're pscyhed to be starting our third quarter busy and are definitely looking forward to the next TTT which will combine both offices for some seriously fun times. Stay tuned!


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