The World Cup Is Here, and So Is BOOM! Carded.

Viget is full of competitive sports fans, some of whom are some pretty rowdy soccer hooligans. So with the World Cup just around the corner, some of us at Pointless Corp. set out to create something fun for the world to use this time around.

The result of a little over a week’s work is BOOM! Carded. — a simple little application that let’s you be the referee in any situation. Your brother just took the last Oreo? BOOM! Bro Carded. Raining all day? BOOM! Sky carded. And most importantly, for the matches of the World Cup, take the “questionable” out of questionable calls and issue cards to the players that rightfully (or wrongfully) deserve them.

We gathered as many of the *736 players’ twitter handles as we could to make your job as referee that much easier. Mention them (@username) or your friends in any card and you can call them out specifically on twitter, or just hold the card up in person to issue it directly.   

We hope you have as much fun with BOOM! Carded. as the **T-E-A-M had making it.

Happy Carding and Happy World Cup!

*Our 736 World Cup Player Twitter list is available on Twitter here, or if developers want to have some more fun, use this list that includes Name, Position, Club Team, Group, and Jersey Number as well!

**There’s no “I”  in team, but there was some help from a J, B and a K.

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