The Boulder DPM Meetup is Now the Rocky Mountain DPM Meetup

Becky Tornes, Former Senior Project Manager

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Image Credit: Steve Schoeffel

Exciting news from the (former) Boulder Digital Project Manager meetup! After a year and a half of holding monthly meetups primarily for Boulder digital project managers (PMs), we’ve decided to expand our gathering to surrounding communities. With so many pockets of project managers in the Denver/Boulder metro area, we’ve decided to start planning events that will appeal to PMs throughout the entire area, and we have the new name to prove it! The all new Rocky Mountain DPM (RMDPM) meetup will utilize new locations that are more conducive to PMs attending from other rocky mountain communities. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we’ll be announcing the first meetup in a non-Boulder area location -- it’s going to be a great one!

Check out the new meetup page (with amazing new branding courtesy of Viget designer Steve Schoeffel) for more information, and stay in touch with the latest #RMDPM news by following the new twitter handle @RckyMtnDPM.

Are you in the Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins area and have an idea for a RMDPM topic or location? Email or reach out via twitter and let me know. Additionally, we'd love to meet up with other Denver area digital agencies.

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