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There are 2219 proposals in the SXSW Panel Picker. Ideally, we'd all spend three minutes reviewing each topic and reading up on each speaker/organizer before casting our votes. That would take about 111 hours (or four and a half days). Hmmm. Do you have a better approach?

One option is to start with people you already know and trust - like us! We are proud to promote the eight sessions and panels in which Viget folks are participating. We're hoping a few make it to the stage in March. Thanks for your help in getting us there. And seriously, let us know your strategy for filtering through the Picker. There are too many good topics to choose from!

Check out what we submitted...

Jacks of All Trades or Masters of None - Brian Talbot

Designing Emotion: Injecting Style Through Mood Boards - Tom Osborne

Up to Speed at South By - M. Jackson Wilkinson

Web Typography: Get Your Glyph On 2 - Samantha Warren

Designing For Content : Art Direction On The Web - Samantha Warren

Mind Control: Psychology for the Web - Ben Scofield

Difficult Domains: Alternative Databases for the Web -Ben Scofield

South By March Madness: Designing for .EDU - Jackson Fox


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