Sodexo’s Gets New Look

Sodexo came to us a couple months ago wanting an updated look and structure for, which promotes their Esteem Pass gift card. With participating brands like Macy's and Pottery Barn, the customizable Esteem Pass card is carving its niche in the industry as a leading rewards solution for companies interested in giving card recipients "the gift of choice."

We were able to jump on their quick time line and deliver their ExpressionEngine-based site, which unveiled last week -- just in time for the holidays.


"It's always fun to work with responsive people who know what they want," Steph said. "The Esteem Pass team knew how to turn around consolidated feedback and concrete approvals so we could keep the project moving full-steam ahead to actually beat our original deadline. They set feasible priorities and made compromises when necessary along the way -- when the site launched, it was truly rewarding. Pun intended."


We provided everything from mood boards through design comps, content management implementation, copywriting services, and ongoing marketing work to track and cultivate conversions.

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