Social Tools Transform the Workplace

Ryan Moede, Former Viget

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Nearly 60 percent of the respondents to a recent McKinsey global survey reported satisfaction with Web 2.0 initiatives and see them as a driver of competitive advantage. The McKinsey Global Survey Results on Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise (free with registration) also reported that these same companies expect to increase their efforts inleveraging these tools.

The report also highlights that this is bigger than just PR or marketing - companies are adapting their organizational structure and process to better take advantage of social tools.

This isn't always an easy task for traditional companies; but some are recognizing that increasing their use of collaborative tools both internally and externally is a valuable endeavor. Peter Kim puts it well: "Social technologies are bigger than just marketing and PR campaigns. They're helping to reinvent the organization. Companies satisfied with their experience with Web 2.0 technologies are applying them within change management practices and organizational structures. Companies are using new tools to reconnect with customers for co-creation and collaboration. 'Reconnecting,' you ask? Yes, the way businesses started and survived long before advertising as we hate it existed."

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