Sharing PM Tools: The Next Boulder Web Project Manager Happy Hour

Becky Tornes, Former Senior Project Manager

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On Wednesday, October 16th, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will once again get together for a Happy Hour. This time around, we will be sharing the PM tools we use on a daily basis at our jobs. These can range from ticketing systems, time tracking tools, client communications tools, and many others. I know here at Viget, we are always interested in hearing about the tools other agencies and Project Managers use. It’s important to know if there are tools out there that do things better than what we use, or do things we never even knew a tool could do.

I can’t think of a better way to gain an understanding of what’s out there than having PMs talk about what they love and hate about the tools they use every day. We currently have commitments from local PMs to talk about Unfuddle, Campfire, GitHub, and Pivotal Tracker. That will just be the start, though, and will hopefully spark some great conversation about the value of any/all alternatives. In addition to gaining exposure to different tools, we’ll all also have a chance to hang out with some great people from around the Boulder area.

Are you a Web Project Manager in or around Boulder? Please come and join us on October 16th!

  • What: BWPM Happy Hour - Sharing the PM Tools We Use
  • When: Wednesday, October 16th at 6:00PM
  • Where: The Viget Boulder office
  • Why: To learn about various PM tools and get real life feedback on them.

Can’t join us but you use a PM tool every day that you are passionate (love or hate) about? Post below!

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